Election season is here.  While, we do not get into Politics it is important that people know how elections and local positions affect your community and home values.


Everyone knows how the schools have been in headline news lately and not for good news.  We have starting seeing that people with self serving intentions or just plain morons are sitting on school boards and making HORRIBLE DECISION.   While Arizona has some incredible schools, a couple of the district have had issues.  We will not get into those issues, but you are welcome to call me to discuss.


Selling Real Estate is not just about showing a home and writing a contract.  There are several variables that go into findina home for buyers.  The one we are talking about today is Schools.  Everyone wants their kid in a great school district.  Great school districts tend to offer more variety for success and more access for kids to "BETTER" educational items.  Great school districts also have one thing in common, HIGHER PRICES ON HOMES.  Great school district have parent involvement, they have good , non self serving superintendents, a solid school board and a PTO.


The school boards have been hijacked and education has gone down.  This is why it is important for ALL HOME OWNERS to get involved.  Reach out to the candidates that are running for school boards and VET THEM and ASK TOUGH QUESTIONS.  

1. Why do you want to serve on the School board or Why are you spending about 30K to get elected to a job that does not pay and it is nearly FUll time?

2. What is your thoughts on overrides and increasing taxes

3. Do you belive Sex ED should be taught in k-8 grade

4. Are you decisions for the parents or for the superintendent?


There are so many more questions to ask.  You are going to find that community involvement makes for the best homes prices and community.  Those in these communities that do not have children in school tend to blow off this critical race, but the School boards help set policy and this is a direct impact on your home values.


The Grandon Group is Arizona's #1 Brother and Sister Real Estate team.  We love promoting Arizona and the incredible real estate market.  We are heavily involved in our communities.  If you have questions about schools please call JAOSN GRANDON at 480-276-2954.