Hello Arizona, summer is here.  In fact this weekend, it if going to be 102 degrees in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ.  


WIth no rain in site, we are in for a long hot summer.  Im going to give you a couple tips on keep COOL.  First, we all want to save money, so in the evening around 8 pm, turn your AC down to 74. Make sure windows are shut and blinds are down.  When you head out in the morning for work turn the ac to 83 degrees.  Make sure the fans are on and this will keep your home cool.  If you have indoor animals, they will be comfortable.   This is a technique that has been proven to save on your ac.  


Now if you have a pool, kick those ceiling fans on, jump in and then go to your sofa for the best nap ever.  If you have other money saving tips, call THE GRANDON GROUP, Arizona's #1 Brother and sister Real Estate Team.